Mom Who’s 32 Weeks pregnant With Triplets Tries To induce labor By Dancing

The thought is that doing the dance might help induce labor. It’s a dance that a lot of pregnant mamas do toward the end of their pregnancies. So, a mom is expecting triplets any day now. But that didn’t stop the mom from making an absolutely adorable, giggle-worthy dance video that’s going viral.

Cara Chatwin, 29, is about to welcome three new babies with her husband Darik Hunter Chatwin, 29. The pair, who lives in Utah, already has a daughter named Gemma, who is almost two — and the parents are clearly eager to become a family of six. She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time with triplets, and the babies, as you’ll see, looked ready to pop out at any moment. The mother decided to take part in the Baby Mama Dance Challenge — a social media trend that sees mothers who have reached the term of their pregnancy dance to see if the movement induces labor. Cara can thus be seen in a fun video in black leggings and an Adidas crop top, her pregnant belly on full display, dancing along with Darik.

In the two-minute video, entitled, “Triplet Baby Mama Dance,” Cara pulls off some impressive moves, at one point twerking with her husband. She also manages to drop low towards the ground and mimes some of the song’s lyrics throughout the video, fanning her face when the tune mentions taking a break and tossing some bills up in the air when it talks about making money. The clip promptly garnered attention and has been viewed more than 39,800 times on YouTube, while hundreds of viewers took to the comments section to congratulate the couple on the upcoming birth and on their dancing skills. While Cara joked that she was ‘going into labor’, the dance challenge was in fact not sufficient to induce the triplets’ birth.

She said:” It’s a dance that a lot of pregnant mamas do toward the end of their pregnancies, so we thought we would join in on the fun! I am honestly surprised by how many people, especially other women, are so negative and downright mean about my belly showing. I’m proud of my body and what it is doing for these babies and wanted to celebrate that. We have also received tons of positive, uplifting, and supportive feedback from people who are genuinely happy for us. It’s fun to share our excitement with others!”

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