Katherine Heigl shares baby photos of daughter Nancy as she celebrates her 13th birthday

Katherine Heigl celebrated her daughter Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun’s 13th birthday this Tuesday with a sweet Instagram tribute.

The Knocked Up actress shared heart-melting snaps of Naleigh as a baby followed by others following her through her childhood.

In her caption Katherine looked back on when she and her husband Josh Kelley adopted their little pride and joy from South Korea in 2009.

‘All folds and rolls and chicken fluff hair. Then mists of memory that hold her at 2. All gap toothed grins and endless giggles and girly sass. The memories drift in and out like the ebbing of the tide and I keep trying to chase them, grip them tight in my hands, hold them still so I can live it all just one more time,’ she spilled. 

‘This girl. The girl that made me a mother. The girl that gave my life purpose. Meaning. Direction. Boundless eternal love. This girl turns 13 today. 13. She is officially a teenager. I can’t seem to process it,’ Katherine marveled.

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