Woman Spent $1.3M To Look Like Kim Kardashian, And It’s Totally Worth It

Chaly D.N claims she has spent $1.3milion to look like Kim Kardashian. The London-based model is often stopped on the street by strangers who are convinced she’s the American reality star. Chaly undeniably took the imitating to a whole next level, and she has spent $5.5K on designer dresses and $42K on Rolexes to become just like Kim.

Meet Chaly D.N, the model who spent $1.3million to look like Kim Kardashian.

chalydn via Instagram
Chaly has spent on cosmetic procedures (Botox and fillers) and accessories to match Kim’s appearance.

Appearing on Truly Hooked On The Look, Chaly shared people says she looks like Kim Kardashian and when on the street or at a party, she gets stopped for photos at all time. The Instagram influencer insisted that she loved the attention and was satisfied to be told she looked like Kim! Chaly’s Instagram has garnered over 700K following, and as see, her outfits feature designer brands, like Gucci and Prada.

One of Chaly’s favorite designers is Balmain, just like Kim, and of course, that costs a lot of money.

Despite being compared, the influencer insists she isn’t deliberately trying to copy Kim.

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