Alaska Airlines employees get engaged after both plan proposals: “All the love and support is just super overwhelming”

This year’s Pride month brought about a new beginning for two Alaska Airlines employees. According to the airline, Veronica Rojas and Alejandra Moncayo became engaged on Wednesday during their “Fly with Pride” flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Veronica Rojas, who has been a flight attendant for Alaska’s regional partner Skywest, came up with the idea of proposing to her girlfriend of two years while in the air. The couple always wanted to try the Pride flight and when the opportunity presented itself, Rojas discussed her inflight proposal plan with her team and they helped bring the big moment to fruition.

“I’ve always appreciated Alaska; how deeply involved they are in the LGBTQ+ community. All the love and support is just super overwhelming and amazing,” shared Rojas, who made use of her flight attendant training to propose to her newly-hired Alaska pilot girlfriend Moncayo midflight over the PA system, as per PEOPLE.

As passengers cheered them on, Rojas presented her partner with a ring before going down on one knee. Of course, Moncayo said yes and the beautiful moment was captured on film and later uploaded on YouTube by the airline. It has since been viewed over 14,000 times.

What Rojas and her colleagues did not know was the fact that Moncayo too was planning to pop the question that day and she did after the couple deplaned. The pair celebrated the double proposal with an impromptu party at LAX afterward. “It’s awesome, I feel very, very loved today. Alaska has always been my number one forever. I can definitely tell how much they care,” noted Moncayo.

But it wasn’t just the couple who left the flight feeling the power of love at the end. According to KTLA, Alaska Airlines didn’t just stop at making sure that the proposal was carried out without any hiccups, they also offered free plane tickets to all the passengers on board for a future Alaska flight in honor of the special occasion.

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