Mom-of-4 sleeps in car while caring for dying husband, has life turned around with gift of $10,000 and new car

Sometimes people are going through their toughest times but make sure to give you a smile.

Jessica Reboredo was taking care of her four young children while also dealing with a terminally ill husband and a job. But she made sure to always give her customers a big smile. Her kindness was then returned tenfold as a result.

Jessica and Robert Reboredo fell in love incredibly quickly after they were introduced to one another by mutual friends. Soon after meeting one another the couple tied the knot and started a family.

The young couple lived a simple yet fulfilling life. Robert worked as a wood craftsman while Jessica was a waitress at a Chili’s restaurant in Las Vegas. They worked day and night to earn enough money to take care of their four children, who were all under six years old.

Their happy home life was got upturned when at just 25 years old, Roberto was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had also spread to his lungs. The cancer had spread so rapidly that medical professionals advised having Roberto admitted to a hospital right away.

He was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles which was a few hours away. Suddenly Jessica had to juggle her job, taking care of her children, and going to see her husband in another city. She was stretched thin and her budget was stretched even thinner.

She was on such a tight budget that at times she would sleep in her car when she visit Los Angeles to be with her husband. But even with all of her struggles, she had a smile on her face and wanted to make sure she put on a brave front for her family.

Because of her sunny attitude, in her life, she had made a lot of friends who cared for her deeply. One of these people was her second-grade teacher Kimberly. She and her teacher kept a close bond with one another over the years.

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