Woman shamed for ‘small’ engagement ring sends powerful message to haters

Is an engagement ring meant to symbolize love… or success? The answer may seem obvious, but as a recent online debate has proven – it seems not everyone would agree.

While Rachel Pedersen happily loves and cherishes her engagement ring, it would seem that one too many individuals around her felt a need to comment on it, voicing their opinion and criticising it for being “too small” and not reflecting enough of her and her partner’s “success”.

The two met via Rachel’s best friend (and now sister-in-law), who set Rachel up with her brother Poul. The chemistry was instantaneous.

It took just one week for Rachel and Poul to fall hard for each other.

Indeed, after a stunning just 13 days from their first date, Poul proposed to Rachel.

“Initially we were going to wait 6 months so people didn’t think we were crazy,” Rachel told The Knot. “Just a few days after that, we determined we would elope and get started on our life together,” she added.

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