After Running Away From Car Crash, Dog Reunites With Grieving Family

It was a poignant reunion for Nala the Golden Retriever and her parents, Joey Beltran and Kelsey Petit. Nala went missing for a week after jumping out of the vehicle during a car crash.

They were on the way to see Joey’s dying mother when they were involved in a roll over crash and Nala ran away. Joey’s mom died a day later from cancer. Volunteer rescue crews searched the area for 6 days looking for Nala.

“It wasn’t a family without Nala,” Beltran said. Kelsey is expecting a baby and Joey is relieved Nala will be with them in this difficult time. “There are no words,” said Joey, who believes his mom was looking over his family and made sure the two were reunited.

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below and share it with your friends!


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