Young Boy Saves Puppy From Drowning In Swimming Pool

A 5-year-old boy saved his puppy’s life after the 2-month-old dog accidentally fell into a swimming pool in Argentina.

In the surveillance footage video that has gone viral and that was posted after the puppy’s rescue, a German Shepherd Dog is seen at the edge of the pool and looking in. But the puppy loses his balance and falls into the water.

The puppy was too small to climb out.

Some time passes and the 5-year-old boy is seen in the backyard when he spots his puppy floating in the middle of the pool. He immediately runs over and jumps into the pool to save the drowning pup.

The boy is able to make it over to the pool’s edge but can’t get out on his own either. According to his cousin, the boy only learned how to swim recently but none too soon!

Thankfully, the boy’s mother immediately appears and gets them both out of the water. She quickly rushes the puppy to get help.

Apparently, the dog did suffer from hypothermia because the pool was unheated (only 5 degrees Celsius) and from being in the pool for around 15 minutes. But happily he survived.

The boy’s cousin posted a follow up video on TikTok a few months later that shows the boy and German Shepherd doing well and their friendship still going strong!

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