Boy Breaks Down Into Tears When He Reunites With His Lost Dog After 8 Months

Eight months ago 11-year-old Rocco Risso lost his best friend. His rescue dog Jack went missing and the family could not find him anywhere in their neighborhood in Argentina.

Rocco was devastated but he held on hope he would see his dog again. Then, Rocco’s hope was rewarded. A family friend happened to notice a stray dog near a gas station. They immediately knew it was Jack. They immediately called the Risso family who were stunned but absolutely relieved. Rocco’s mom arranged for her friends to bring Jack home, but kept it a surprise from her son.

The moment the two best friends see each other again is captured in the heartwarming video below.

It’s no wonder that Rocco couldn’t contain his emotions when he sees Jack again. And neither can Jack.

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