Mom and her three young kids are found shot dead ‘by husband’

A mother and her three young children were shot to death and the suspected gunman – her husband – has been hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the head, a sheriff in central Michigan said Saturday.

Hailey Salisbury confirmed that her mother Dawn Gillard, 40, was murdered by her husband and Salisbury’s stepfather, Charles, who also killed her half-siblings, 6-year-old Katelynn Gillard, 4-year-old Ronald Gillard and 3-year-old Joshua Gillard.

‘I am in total shock. I am so devastated,’ she told 13 ABC.

Salisbury also posted about the killings on her TikTok account, making several videos sharing her grief at her mother and siblings’ deaths and her step-father’s heinous actions.

In one of the videos, she shares an image of her stepfather with the caption: ‘I WILL find a way to speak to you before you die in prison you disgusting sickening thing.’

In another, she shared a video of herself sobbing and sharing while repeatedly screaming ‘What the f**k?’ after discovering the horrific news.

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