Mother of daughter, 10, killed in Texas school shooting asks if could she write child’s obituary

The mom of a girl killed in the Texas school massacre works as a reporter at the local newspaper, and has asked her editor to write her late daughter’s obituary.

Kimberly Rubio texted Craig Garnett, owner and publisher of the Uvalde Leader-News, if she could write the tribute to her 10 year-old daughter Lexi after the little girl was one of 19 children murdered at Robb Elementary School Tuesday.

Garnett said that Kimberly asked her: ‘Can I have two pictures?’ The publisher said he told Kimberly: ‘You can have a full page.’

Earlier in the piece, Garnett paid tribute to Kimberly saying that he invited her to apply for a job as a reporter with the twice-weekly newspaper while she was working as a receptionist.

Garnett said: ‘I said, ‘You know, if you love to read that much, you can write.’ And, by gosh, she didn’t let us down.’

One of the many tragic stories to emerge from Uvalde, Texas, this week centered around Kimberly and her husband Felix, a deputy with Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office.

The couple had been at the school for an awards ceremony in which their daughter was named to the honor roll and given the school’s good citizen award a short time before Salvador Ramos began his massacre.

Not long after the attack began, Felix Rubio would be back at the school in a professional capacity as a sworn officer with the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Department.

The image of Felix attempting to console his wife as they learned that their daughter had been killed was beamed across the world.

Later, Felix said in an interview that he was at the school when Ramos was killed by a border patrol agent.

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