24-year-old woman with ‘biggest lips’ in the world has spent $5,000 on fillers and still wants to go BIGGER

Everyone is beautiful in their unique way – and everyone being different is what makes the world such a colorful and amazing place.

However, a big part of the population is not happy with their appearance, the false image of perfection the fashion industry and the media push on to us, puts our “imperfections” in a negative light, forcing people that don’t feel “pretty” to resort to heavy make-up, injections, and even cosmetic surgery. 

With hyaluronic acid lip injections, she’s gotten a huge pair of lips. Her life’s goal is to get to the biggest lips in the world.

Now, according to her statement, she will soon get there.

Andrea, who hails from Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, has continued with her expensive, risky, and controversial interventions.

The Bulgarian is now up to 27 interventions – and has quadrupled the size of her lips, reports Unilad.

“I like them a lot and feel much better,” Andrea told Jam Press.

Spent about $5,000

Her odd lifestyle is not free.

Each injection costs about $150 in Bulgaria – and she has thus spent about $5,000 on the enlargement of her lips according to Malay Mail.

But the young woman, who claims to have studied German philology at the university in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, hasn’t had enough.

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