Versace model claims he’s still in enviable shape at 55 thanks to drinking his own urine daily

For one man, having anything other than washboard abs is not acceptable, and he claims that it’s thanks his own urine that he’s been able to maintain an enviable physique well into his fifties.

Troy Casey, 55 from Arizona, has been drinking his own urine and applying it to his skin for the last seventeen years – even doing week-long urine fasts and putting aged urine enemas in his rectum.

He credits his daily pee-drinking practice for his ripped physique.

Troy – who modeled for top fashion brands like Versace before becoming a Life Coach and Healer – says: ‘Urine therapy is an ancient practice – it just doesn’t get talked about a lot. Your own pee is full of amino acids, stem cells and antibodies.’

‘I’m 55 years old and most people don’t look and feel like I do at my age. No-one can deny that I’m ripped and that’s down to the fact that I love being extremely healthy and practicing natural healing methods.

‘People should be scared if they’re eating sh***y food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. Why should they be scared to try their own urine?’

Troy, who has penned a book on the health secrets behind his good looksโ€”Ripped at 50: A Journey to Self Loveโ€”says he wasn’t always so healthy.

He explains: ‘When I started modelling in my twenties, I was living the high life, partying in Milan, New York and London and not looking after myself. As a result, I would bloat and hold on to the extra water in my face and body.’

‘Sometimes I would be so bloated that casting agents would tell me not to go to Vogue or Armani shoot today. It began affecting my life and so I began reading up on nutrition and practising stuff like herbal medicine, fasting and eating real foods to combat it.’

‘Soon after, I started getting results when I looked in the mirror. I became hooked to learning about natural and ancient healing methods and truly understanding health.’

Troy says he became interested in urine therapy – also known as ‘Shivambu’ in Ayurvedic medicine – in 2004. He first drank his own pee when he couldn’t be bothered to stop for a toilet trip during a long car journey and the feeling of tasting his wee was ‘electric’.

Troy says: ‘I had read about the benefits of urine therapy in ancient Ayurverdic medicine and the information resonated it.’

‘The first time I tried my own urine, I was driving from San Francisco from Los Angeles. It’s a long five hour drive. I didn’t want to stop to take a leak so I peed in a cup and drank it and I was like hey that’s not so bad! Drinking my own urine, it wasn’t as bad as the mental barrier in my own mind.’

‘The electricity were so immediate and subtle – I felt a cool buzz. Intuitively, it just felt good. I drank my urine on and off for a while from there.’

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