Mother refuses to bathe or ‘clean’ her newborn baby for at least a month

Becoming a mother can be an emotional experience for a lot of women. Every woman wants to make sure that she does it right and wants to do her best for her child.

Shahnta Hoare also wants the best for her newborn son but she also has some beliefs that she sticks by and is not willing to give up at any cost.

Mom of four and TikTok star Shahnta Hoare posted something on her account that divided opinions severely. She made a video saying she does not believe in cleaning off newborns. She is incredibly passionate about this issue and wants to ‘educate’ others about it as well.

The young mother thinks once newborns exit the womb, they should not be cleaned, the white gel-like goo on their bodies which is medically known as ‘vernix’ should remain. The creamy substance covers a newborn during the last trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.

When a baby is born, they are usually covered in a thick layer of vernix which hospital staff or nurses in the delivery room quickly clean off.

Hoare is not a first-time mom. She recalls her previous birthing experiences. She said with her first-born son, the nurses wiped down her son before she could say anything and the same thing happened in the second birth when she had her twin sons.

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