8-year-old was asleep next to his pregnant mother for hours not realizing she was dead the whole time

The woman’s boyfriend told the boy that his mother was just sleeping and asked him not to wake her up.

An 8-year-old boy slept next to his pregnant mother on the same bed without knowing that she was dead. Ashley M. Garcia, the mother of three from Houston was beaten to death by her 23-year-old boyfriend, Alexis Armando Rojas-Mendez. The alleged killer told the innocent boy that his mother was fast asleep and discouraged him from waking her up, according toΒ 2ClickHouston. Later in the morning, on September 19, 2020, the little boy realized his mother was no more.

The determined boy summoned neighbors to help him wake his mother up. But she had passed away hours earlier, at their apartment in the 5500 block of De Soto Street, Houston.

The woman, who was seven weeks pregnant, had been declared dead in her home. Investigators found the apartment walls and floors spattered with blood. The documents stated that the woman was found with blunt force trauma to her head and body.

Houston police are on a lookout for the boyfriend who fled before the incident was discovered. According toΒ People, he is now wanted on a charge of murder. The 8-year-old told the police that he witnessed his mother being physically assaulted.

He saw the man beating Garcia with his steel-toe work boots before he left their house. Court documents also claimed that a neighbor saw the man assaulting the mother at a parking lot on 18 September, 2020. The neighbor said that the man tried to force the woman along with her son into the Jeep with him. But she refused. So, he dragged her to her third-floor apartment and committed the heinous crime.


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