Robin Williams made Koko the gorilla laugh for the first time in 6 months after the death of her childhood playmate

He made us laugh with his acting and we fell in love with his humor. Robin Williams had become famous as an actor but what he was truly admired for was his humility. Everyone in his presence felt it, and a sign that this was true even for animals was seen when he first met Koko, the gorilla.

Koko had become quite popular for learning a version of the American Sign Language (ASL) and being able to communicate with her handlers that very few apes had managed to before. In 2001, Robin Williams was invited to meet and interact with her. And they hit it off almost instantly.

The clip starts with Williams talking about his interaction with the gorilla. “I recently had a mind-altering experience communicating with a gorilla. Her name is Koko.”

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