Mom goes to hospital with ‘stomach pains’ and finds out she’s in LABOUR

A stunned mum-of-two has revealed she had no idea she was pregnant with her second child until moments before she gave birth.

Emma Fitzsimmons went to Port Macquarie Hospital last Tuesday with severe stomach pains – only to be told she was in labor.

The young woman was in disbelief when she heard the news and asked doctors to check the scans again.

Emma, who gave birth to son William two years ago, only had a few minutes to come to terms with being pregnant a second time, she told Seven News.

‘With William, I found out about him at 11 weeks and I was sick all day everyday until 22 weeks, so it was completely different,’ she said of her two pregnancies.

‘They said that the reason I might not have felt her was because she could have been sitting all the way at the back and the placenta was at the front preventing any movement.’

Emma said she was ‘still wearing the same clothes’ and hadn’t put any weight on or ‘changed shape’ throughout the shock pregnancy.

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