Mom Already Expecting Twins Finds Out She Got Pregnant Again, Has Three Babies – Babies The World

The woman, from the United States, claimed this was her first pregnancy and was speechless when the doctor discovered another baby during her ultrasound, which she explained was conceived ten days after the twin set.

A mom-to-be went for a pregnancy scan thinking she was expecting twins – but little did she know the doctor was about to announce something shocking.

“You have three babies inside,” he said. The mom shared the emotional video on her TikTok channel @tamingtriplets.

According to her, the couple, who already have a daughter, fell pregnant with twins naturally, and the two were overjoyed with the news.

“My belly got super big and then the babies decided to come out three months early.

“The next 65 days were extremely hard while they were in the incubator.

“When we finally came home – the best day of my life!

“I love these girls and I’m so happy I get to share this with you guys.”

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