Father And Son Can’t Stop Crying While Holding Their Newborn Baby – The Truth Behind These Pictures

There are events that happen in life that make people extremely  disappointed and there are also things that make you happy to tears. Like this father-son duo. The father of the family is called Joao Prudencio Neto and he is the husband of Caroline and father to David, their beloved first child. They were very happy when they were the first time they hug their second child. An incredibly lovable, touching, and warm act of family affection.

The man in these touching images was declared unlikely to have a second child.He was revealed by the doctor that  the ability to have children naturally was very difficult. He does not give up hope, and prays every day. The miracle has finally come to the couple after more than 10 years of trying.

Against all scientific probability, and that they would conceive nature and bring joy to the Neto family. Even little David had longed for a little brother or sister for a long time, but the more the years passed the more of their hopes faded …

Until a real miracle happened in 2020. A girl, who was born quite naturally in March 2021; obviously the whole Neto family was enthusiastic about what had happened. Which is why the arrival of little Giovanna was greeted with great emotion and touching.

Just watch the emotion that dad Joao and David expressed while holding the newcomer in their arms; the video that the man posted on his Instagram profile is eloquent and particularly moving; we see father and son who allow themselves to display their hearts full of emotion in seeing little Giovanna in before them; some very touching images that immediately went around the world.

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