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Babies, Miniature people, newly baked and ready to sleep, cry, and eat their way into a new parent’s life for the next few months. Regardless, they manage to keep it all together while staying utterly cute.
While each infant is adorable in their own way, some of them appear to be so elderly that you may erroneously refer to them as “Sir.”
Some of these amusing youngsters resemble Adonis-like stars like Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi, while others in these newborn photos appear as they stepped out of a Medieval artwork (just a whole lot cuter). However, no matter how wrinkled, unhappy, or grumpy these amusing children appear, there’s no doubt that they are still lovely infants capable of winning anyone’s heart. And, hey, being born is a difficult task in and of itself!

2. My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito

3. At 2 Days Old, My Daughter Has Perfected The “Are They Using My Driveway To Turn Around?” Look
That’s the most stoic baby I’ve ever seen in my life

4. That is quite possibly the angriest face I’ve ever seen. That is awesome, What a grumpy little old man!

5. If I Saw This Baby, I’d Probably Call Him Sir By Accident

6. This Is What Newborn Norwegians Looks Like

Babies certainly come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ve got to admit that some of the wrinkly little cherubs do look like old folks. It’s just that it’s cuter when they scream at you than it is when Nanna does it.

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