America’s Got Talent contestant Skilyr Hicks is found dead at 23

America’s Got Talent contestant Skilyr Hicks was found dead at 23 on Monday at a home in Liberty, South Carolina.

Her mother Jodi told TMZ on Tuesday that Hicks was found in the home of a friend, though she doesn’t know who the owner of the home is.

The cause and circumstances of Hicks’ death was not immediately clear to her family, the outlet reported.

Hicks was 14 when she appeared on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent in 2013 for judges Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern.

She was moved up a round in performing an original song titled Brand New Day, and the segments on the show detailed how she was a self-taught musician who was grieving the loss of her father.

She said at the time that her father’s passing was ‘a really difficult time for her, before crediting music with helping her to ‘let out all the emotion that was building inside.’

Hicks earned herself four yeses from the judges but was eliminated shortly before the live rounds in NYC.

Hicks had made headlines in recent years due to multiple legal issues.

She was arrested in November of 2018 in connection with underage drinking and intoxication in Ohio linked to an incident that occurred a month earlier, TMZ previously reported.

She also faced domestic violence charges in April of 2017 as she was accused of assaulting three family members while intoxicated, according to the outlet.

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