Captured Russian soldier begs his family not to believe Moscow ‘propaganda’

A captured Russian soldier has begged his family not to believe Moscow ‘propaganda’ as he claimed Putin’s troops are killing children in the Ukraine.

The soldier, who has been captured by Ukrainian forces, urged people not to trust what they hear on Russian television as he claimed that the Kremlin are ‘brainwashing’ people.

In a video, which was shared to Facebook by the Security Service of Ukraine, the soldier claims that Russian troops are killing civilians and babies in the Ukraine.

‘We’re the aggressor, we’re the destroyers. So, as they say, we’re the cannon meat,’ he says.

The soldier goes on to say that he was wounded in the Ukraine but has since been treated as he described Ukrainian citizens as ‘very kind’.

In a caption alongside the video, the Ukrainian Security Service wrote: ‘The tanker-aggressor begs his relatives not to trust a single word that is heard on Russian television, because the Kremlin authorities are deliberately brainwashing with lies.

‘The occupier admits that Russia is the aggressor, their troops are beating civilians and killing children. At the same time, he says that for him, captivity is ‘the only chance for survival’.”

‘He will live, but will not go unpunished! Let’s win together!’

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