20 Cute Baby Photos to Make You Smile

Because some days, you just need to smile.

Man, life is hard. There’s a lot of serious stuff happening out there. Our church partners see it every day as they minister to children in poverty. But you know what? Life is really beautiful too. It’s good to pause in the midst of all our busy-ness and seriousness to appreciate and breathe in all the beauty … and cuteness in the world.

Here are some of the sweetest, cutest baby photos from around the world.

A baby boy wearing a bear hat and being carried on his mom's back looks at the camera.

Baby Girl in Ethiopia — Those Eyes!

A cute baby lies on a white and yellow blanket.

Daniel in Indonesia

A mom holds a cute baby boy who is smiling.

Pamela in Uganda

A baby sleeps in her mother's arms.

Jodean in the Philippines — what a sweet bond between mom and baby!

A woman sits on a step nursing a baby.

Albita in Ecuador

A man kisses a baby on the cheek.

Samuel in Tanzania

A mom carries a cute baby boy on her back.

Baby Boy in Indonesia — So Peaceful

A baby sleeps in a hammock with his arms over his head.

Carrol Sofia in Colombia

A cute baby girl in pink smiles at the camera.

Judith in Peru

A mom smiles at an infant girl.

Joao Miguel in Brazil — Cuddle Bug!

A mom cuddles a young boy.

Jeremy in Honduras

A baby sleeps on a blanket.

Jefferson in Indonesia

A mom holds a cute baby boy in green.

Faith in Uganda

A baby girl chews on a chair.Are you smiling yet? Behind these beautiful faces are real stories of hardship. But these are also all babies who are receiving vital postnatal care through the local church because of generous people like you! Their mamas and daddies are learning things like nutrition, hygiene and income-generating skills to keep their families happy and healthy.

Now if that doesn’t make you smile, what will?!

A cute baby in a white cap grimaces at the camera.  

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