Mother of four donates excess baby formula to desperate parents following twin sons’ sudden deaths

Baby formula is still in short supply across the country, and while efforts have been made to ease the nationwide shortage, parents are still stressing about feeding their children.

One Indiana woman is hoping to relieve some of the stress many are feeling when it comes to finding their children the formula they desperately need. Unfortunately, her act of kindness has come at a horrific cost to her and her family.

Shelby Duggan-Meltzer is donating all of the baby formula she purchased for her twin boys. Sadly, they both suddenly died before they were 14 weeks old.

Forrest and Foster, described as “little perfect bundles of joy” were born on February 14, 2022.

But only a few months after his brother’s sudden death, Forrest also suddenly died. Despite recently visiting the doctor, the coroner found Forrest had been dealing with pneumonia.

As Shelby mourned the loss of her baby boys, she had an issue on her hands: what to do with all the formula she purchased and suddenly had no use for.

She decided the best thing to do was to donate all of her excess cans of baby formula to those parents still struggling to find some for their babies.

“Those cans I bought $35 a piece, and I have 15 cans,” she said. “Even though it’s hurting me inside, someone else is a little relieved.”

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