Wife Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband, He Woke Up 3 Years Later And Said 2 Words

When two young people fall in love and get married, they are supposed to then just be starting their lives and feel hopeful about the future. But for this young woman, her joy was quickly replaced with fear when the love of her life fell into a coma after a tragic accident.

The man she was supposed to be starting her life with was at risk of being at the end of his life and the decision was in her hands. To pull the plug or fight for him? This was the dreadful decision the newlywed had to make. But, she chose to fight for a whole three years until a miracle happened.

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A Ride That Turned Into A Rollercoaster

It all started on a warm sunny day in July of 2011. Matt went for a motorcycle ride, as he often did while Danielle Davis waited for him to return like she would on any other day. Except that day wouldn’t be like any others. In fact, it was to be the worst day of both their lives. When Danielle picked up the phone, the last thing she expected to hear was a doctor telling her that the love of her life had just been in a tragic motorcycle accident and was in the emergency room.

Matt was merging onto an interstate when he hit an illegally parked car. The speed of the impact sent his motorcycle flying at a high velocity. The injuries he suffered were severed. Not only did he have multiple broken bones, but he also lacerated organs and suffered heavy trauma in his brain.

Danielle went to go find her husband lying in the hospital bed, completely incapacitated and unconscious. The doctors broke the news to her that there was nothing they could do on their end to help Matt recover. His diagnosis wasn’t promising considering his long list of injuries including fractures of the femur, multiple jaw fractures, a fractured rib, lacerated liver, fractured collar bone, skull fracture, a brain injury and he was in a coma.

The health officials told her that Matt had a 10 percent chance to pull through and regain consciousness and only a five percent chance to fully recover. His life was in her hands. She now had faced the hardest choice anyone could make: pull the plug or keep fighting.

The doctors recommended for Danielle remove Matt from life support because there was a “90 percent chance” he would never wake up. Danielle felt conflicted. She explains in her blog: This was a difficult choice for me. Being his wife I knew that he did not want to remain a vegetable and here the doctors were telling me that’s exactly what will happen.” “They said that if it was them, they would pull the plug. That’s what they’d want their family to do,”

Despite the low odds, any chance of recovery was enough for Danielle to hold on. She refused to give up and chose to lay bis side and pray for him, for as long as it would take: “I knew that God could get us through that,” she said. “I didn’t think it was too big for God.” They eventually moved Matt from the hospital to Danielle’s mother’s home in North Carolina. They set them up with resources so they could care for Matt for as long as they could.

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