This Funny Woman Is Recreating Celeb’s ‘Too Perfect’ Pictures And Trust Us They Are Better Than The Original

This multi-talented Australian phenomenon named Celeste Barber is one hell of a comedian along with an actor and a writer. Celeste is famous for recreating celebrities’ juicy pictures and giving them some taste of reality. Check out the hilarious pictures and we guarantee you money back if you stop yourself from laughing.

1 That’s just the start

Celeste, who herself has a ‘huge huge’ following on Instagram, became a web sensation after she started recreating popular hot pictures of celebrities in her own awkward style.

2-She is having fun with these parodies since 2015. Her recreations actually reveal the twofold norms that plague online media. First of all, she depicts through her hilarious pictures that reality is so far from how these celebrities show. She shows that one should stop being insecure looking at these perfect bodies as that is not how they are naturally most of the time.

In October of 2020, Instagram asserted that her semi-naked diversion of Candace Swanepoel’s photograph violates the rules but somehow the same Instagram allowed the model’s photograph which apparently didn’t violate any guidelines.

Later, Instagram apologized declaring the incident as an error.


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Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.


Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.


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