Mum Beaten The Odds 100,000 To One, Gives Birth To SECOND Set Of Identical Twins

The chances of a woman giving birth to two sets of identical twins are less than one in 100,000, but a Sydney woman has defied the odds and done just that. Sophia Brown, 32, and her husband Paule Brown, 33, welcomed identical twin girls Camilla and Madison into the world at 1.25pm and 1.26pm, respectively, on Wednesday. The identical baby girls, who were born at Norwest Private Hospital in Bella Vista last week, were the second set of identical twins born to proud parents Sophia and Paule Brown.

Their big brothers, three-year-olds Ethan and Harley, were also born at Norwest Private Hospital. Sophia said: ” Never in a million years did I think I would have twins, let alone two sets of identical twins, it’s just amazing. When the radiologist announced the news the second time I assumed she was joking. I was more shocked than Paule and he was definitely more excited at first, but like me, he just couldn’t believe it. After having the boys, we wanted to try for a girl to complete our family and we just couldn’t believe that we had ended up with two.” Sophia and Paule first found out they were expecting twin boys in 2014 and prepared their home for their unexpected arrivals.

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