Mom of 10 is raising her biological son and adopted twins as triplets – “Don’t tell them they’re not”

A mom from the UK has decided to raise her son and his adopted twins as triplets, much to the delight of people who have heard their story online.

According to the New York Post, Alicia Dougherty is a mom of 10 children – six adopted and four biological – and has a TikTok page called the “Dougherty Dozen”, through which she keeps the world updated about her interesting family’s life.

Yet one aspect dialogue on the channel, in which Alicia shared how she is raising her boy and his adopted twin brothers born in the same year, as triplets, despite the fact they are different races and heights, has gone viral.

Responding to a follower who had begged a question about her “triplets”, Alicia responded:

“Our adopted twins and biological son are all born in 2014 and in second grade and have been raised as triplets most of their lives.

“Don’t tell them they’re not triplets or they will tear you apart.”

Naturally, Alicia’s decision struck a chord with people online, who praised her compassion. The three boys, meanwhile, are totally devoted to one another.

One commenter said: “Doesn’t matter about the skin color you can see how much love they have for each other… triplets for life.

Another added: “Look how proud they are! Such beautiful triplets!”

“They can be whatever they want to be!!!!!!” wrote a third.

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