Ex-girlfriend of Texas shooter told friend he was ‘super violent’

The ex-girlfriend of Texas shooter Salvador Ramos reportedly told her friend how he would fly into terrifying violent rages, as one of his former coworkers has revealed how he harassed her online.

Keanna Baxter, 17, told the San Antonio Express-News that her former friend, who has chosen to remain anonymous, dated Ramos, 18, and that his violent mood swings would leave her terrified.

‘He dated my ex-friend. And then they broke up,’ Baxter said. ‘And then he tried to date me after that, but I told him no. Because he always had this kind of eerie sense about him.’

‘She told me that he was scary,’ Baxter said. ‘Like he would get super violent. And when he would lose his temper, she would literally be scared for her life, basically.

‘He would send her these really nasty messages, where he’d go from super sweet to screaming at her back to super sweet.’

‘He was overall just aggressive, like violent,’ Baxter added. ‘He would try and fight women. He would try and fight anyone who told him no — if he didn’t get his way, he’d go crazy. He was especially violent towards women.’

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