Woman Flies 1,500 Miles To Meet Her Online Love But Is Stood Up At The Airport

A young businesswoman from Indiana got stood up and was left stranded at the airport, after flying 1,500 miles to meet her online love.

Internet and social media have revolutionized dating, that’s for sure, but this modern era comes with its own risks and challenges as well. A businesswoman learned this lesson in the hard way, unfortunately, after being was stood up by a man she’d met online seven days before.

In an attempt to meet the boy she was so interested in, she ended up stranded at an airport 1,500 miles away from her home.

Jasmine Triggs, aged 23, decided she wanted to meet a man she had been talking to online for a week, so she fled from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Houston, Texas.

Yet, immediately when she got on the airplane, the unknown man known only by the name Jamal, blocked her phone number and left her heartbroken and stranded at the airport.

Jasmine, who owns a baking company, said that the guy asked her to come to Texas after she communicated with him for about a week.

After meeting a man online a week ago, Jasmine Triggs, 23, decided to fly from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Houston, Texas, to meet him

She recalls they were talking until the very same morning she left her home to meet him.

He claims he shared details about his life with her during their conversations, he told her about the school he went to, that he’d been a cheerleader, that he had a robotics company.

Jasmine says they started getting to know each other, and she really liked him, but it was also sexual. He was asking her sexual questions, adding he was anxious to see her and that he had cleaned the living room for her.

The two met each other through an iMessage group chat, and were introduced by a mutual friend who had actually never met the man in person neither.

Jasmine fled for 5 hours, spent $380 for the ticket and the moment she arrived at the airport, she tried to contact him, but her number was already blocked by him.

The moment she entered the plane, the man blocked her number

She says :

“When I was on the plane, all my messages were sending to everyone apart from him so he’d obviously blocked me.

I didn’t hear from him all morning and once I landed, I called him, but I realized he’d blocked my number and I was panicking. People from the group chat were calling him and he blocked them as well.”

Fortunately, she managed to contact a friend who lived in the area and stayed with her for several days but she still can’t find the answer to why she was stood up at the airport. After some time, she shared her experience on Twitter to explain to people the risks of meeting up with people they’ve never met in person.

She said:

“Either he thought it was funny or he could have had a wife or girlfriend because he started saying he didn’t know me but he shouldn’t have left me at the airport.

I posted it on Twitter and it went viral so he unblocked us and came back in the chat saying he didn’t know me but everyone knew he’d asked me to go to meet him.

He had people messaging me saying they were his sister, it was just a big conundrum. I don’t even know if he does live in Texas. He has the area code but he has three different numbers.”

These are their texts on the morning of Jasmine’s flight.

After she arrived, Jamal left the group chat where they’d met

She advises people to FaceTime the unknown person first and make them buy the ticket if they plan to go and meet up with someone.

“I don’t believe in someone paying for everything which is why I bought my own ticket but if you’re going to see them, make sure they buy it because I’m $380 out of pocket and he’s said he was going to pay for everything when I got there.

Make sure they aren’t going to leave you there because if it wasn’t for my friend, I don’t know what I would have done.”

The tweet has garnered more than 70,000 likes and some have even offered to pay Jasmine for her plane ticket.

She said:

“A lot of people have been super kind but I’ve had the occasional troll. Guys have been hitting on me, people have been supportive and offering to pay for my ticket but people have been saying that I’m super dumb.”

Jasmine also added that after her port went viral, Jamal unblocked them all, returned to the chat, and claimed that he didn’t know her, but they all knew he had asked her to go and meet him.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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