After being stuck in a sunken ship for three days, the man gets rescued by divers.

Harrison Odjegba Okene, a Nigerian ship chef, worked on the Jascon 4, a tugboat that crashed at the Atlantic Water’s Gulf of Guinea while stabilizing an oil tanker at a Chevron podium.

When the tragic incident occurred, they were around 32 kilometres off the coast of Nigeria. The ship sank to the bottom of the sea, approximately 98 feet below sea level.

Okene mustered his whole remaining strength and proceeded towards the technician’s room. He made a structure out of a mattress and other stuff in the room to survive. This helped Okene keep his upper torso above the water. Think what he was going through being stuck in a sunken ship.

The divers, Nicolaas van Heerden, Darryl Oosthuizen, and Andre Erasmus from South Africa, started upon the difficult challenge of searching for any survivors.

The divers were certainly anticipating the victims of the accident. However, they didn’t know that Okene was still alive, waiting for help. Okene was not ready to give up.

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