Moment Russian base is destroyed with NATO-supplied howitzer

The Ukrainian army demonstrated the potency of new NATO weapons reaching their hands on the front lines by obliterating a Russian base from 12 miles away.

The Ukrainian artillerymen said they fired from a NATO-supplied howitzer at a distance of over 12 miles (20 kilometres).

The 128th Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade said they hit the base of Russian command staff and destroyed a military SUV marked with ‘Z’, killing several enemy soldiers in the process.

The Ukrainian brigade said on 23rd May: ‘From the first shot: The ‘Transcarpathian Legion’ hit a rashist target with a NATO howitzer from a distance of over 20 kilometres.

‘Artillerymen of the 128th Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade hit the base of the command staff of one of the units of the Russian Army.

‘A military SUV marked with ‘Z’ and several nearby rashists were destroyed. The shot was fired from a howitzer that arrived in Ukraine as part of NATO aid.’

‘A time-lapse drone video shows the arrival of a 155-caliber projectile and the moment of its powerful explosion. The target was over 20 kilometres away so an accurate shot clearly demonstrates the high accuracy of the latest weapons that have arrived and continue to enter the Armed Forces of Ukraine.’

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