84-year-old woman finally earns college degree after 60 years of trying

Graduating from college is a rite of passage and at times it is also a privilege. Some people can only dream about being about to go to college.

While after some time those people may give up on this dream, there are others who do not relent. Betty Sandison is one of those people and after six decades of dreaming, she finally did it!

Betty Sandison just turned 84 a few days ago and marked her 84th year on earth with some great news; she graduated from college!

Sandison was the first in her family to go to college, she says, “I grew up on a farm with no electricity.”

Sandison first started college in 1955 and earned a certification for becoming a licensed practical nurse from the University of Minnesota. After a year, she was facing financial issues and decided to pursue a teaching degree instead.

But in the middle of that degree, she had to put everything on hold because she was getting married and wanted to have children herself.

Life went on and in the 1980s, Sandison worked her way to an associate’s degree and went on to work as a registered nurse and retired in the profession as well.

However, a friend of hers pointed out that this is not all she had wanted from life.

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