Toddler Wants To Give Big Kiss To A Huge Dog – Then Something Happens That Nobody Had Expected…

For some reason the best video’s on the internet are those with children and animals. They have such special moments together. So that’s why this video is so popular, it has everything you need, two massive dogs and a little toddler.

Joshua Fisher and his wife Bee are very happy. The American couple has two beautiful dogs at home and are blessed with their one-year-old son Tegan.

Since the boy’s birth, the two Newfoundlanders have been crazy about the youngest family member. They can almost always be found near Tegan.

Source: Instagram

The boy, in turn, cannot get enough of the soft four-legged friends (Ralphie and Boss) either. They love each other’s presence. Despite their impressive appearance and size, the dog breed has an adorable character. And that is noticeable in how they deal with the little boy.

The little boy can’t talk yet, so he talks some gibberish to his mother. She has seen the whole thing happen from the couch and therefore laughs at her son. She has no idea what he is saying to her, but she finds it funny. His father (who filmed everything) is also crying of laughter behind the camera.

Although Tegan initially cannot appreciate the dog’s reaction, he knows it is a sweet gesture from the beast. He loves him, and that is why he gave the boy a big lick. The two are friends for life!

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