Girl gets a hearing implant – This is her reaction when she hears her mother’s voice for the first time!

The 14-year-old Breanna never heard anything in her life. The girl was born deaf, so all those years her world had been silent.

Until the girl heard about cochlear implantations. The teenager decided that she would like to try this operation. A cochlear implant is a small device that is implanted in the head and attached above the ear. With this, the intact hearing nerve is directly stimulated electrically, making it possible to be able to hear something (again).

And that also seems to work for Breanna. When she hears the voice of her mother after the operation for the first time, the reaction from the teenager is fantastic…

She bursts into tears. After not hearing anything for 14 years, she now knows the voice of her mother. Thanks to the operation Breanna could finally hear!

Breanna looks flabbergasted in the beginning. The girl barely responds. Until she suddenly realizes that she can hear things. Touched with emotions, she puts her hands in front of her face and starts crying.

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Also, her mother is full of emotions. Watch what she does next… ?

Mother takes her daughter in her arms, and they both feel pleased. At last, they can communicate now with their voices, and not only with signs. Her specialist is also pleased with the result, because a cochlear implant helps in many cases, but is not always successful.

Watch the emotional video below:


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