Baby Lying Under Mobile Bread Cart Feeds Herself With Milk While Her Mom Is Working

A 7-8-month-old baby was captured lying under her mom’s mobile bread cart and feeding herself with milk, which made the internet users moved.

Recently, the social network has continuously spread the images of a young mother and her child selling bread, hot dogs. Accordingly, while the mother was busy making a living, her child obediently fed herself with milk under the bread cart.

The images was shared online by a woman named Truong Thi Kim from Vietnam. She wrote:
“I was really heartbroken and in tears when I accidentally saw this mother and her baby. All is for making a living but each person’s fate is different. Seeing baby lying under the bread cart, I felt so sad because the dangerous wires and then the heat from the hotdog machine radiated down.
Perhaps the baby knows that her mother is also suffering and is reluctant to put her in this situation, so she does not cry and is very obedient. It’s just the baby’s eyes that make me feel so far away. This is the mother and her daughter who sell 6,000 VND sausage bread near Rach Ngang Bridge in Can Tho Vietnam”.

Immediately after these photos were shared, they attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Most people expressed sympathy for the mother and her daughter in the story.

One internet users wrote: “I am happier and luckier than many people to have a home to return to, a job to do and a little princess to love. So why be bored???”.

I grew up like that too, it’s okay. The child will be stronger and more energetic than her peers. I wish you to eat well, grow up quickly, and help your mother soon!”

Another said: “Perhaps it’s because of the circumstances that this mother let her daughter lie like that, but if possible, prepare a better place, it’s too dangerous.”

The story is still attracting attention on social networks.

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