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Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife Loni Willison was seen picking through bins in California this week. Former swimsuit cover girl Loni wore a black puffa jacket, leggings, and red socks on her feet as she was seen pushing her belongings in a trolley.

Loni, 37, has been homeless since she suffered a breakdown in 2016 and lost her job, apartment, and car. Before that Loni was living the LA lifestyle with then-husband Jeremy, who is best known for playing Hobie Buchanan in Baywatch.

Their ill-fated romance crumbled after a series of booze-fuelled rows and the pair divorced just two years after tying the knot. The former model has been homeless since 2016.

Loni Willison’s 4-year spiral into hell as she’s caught digging through bins for scraps
undefined. Jeremy moved on with Cindy Kovacs, who told The Sun that he had refused to help Loni out when she fell on hard times. “It’s really sad what happened to Loni and she never got the help she needs,” said Cindy. However, Loni told The Sun last year that she hadn’t spoken to Jeremy and was ‘doing just fine.’

“I can live on my own. I’ve got everything I need right here. Nobody really cares about me and I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me,” she said. “I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep.

“I get money here and there and there’s food in the bins and near the stores. There are lots here,” she told the paper. Loni’s former model friend Kristin Rossetti stepped in to help her in 2018 as she tracked her friend down and put her in a hotel for the night giving her fresh clothes and a hot meal.

The ladies spent all night talking, but in the morning, Loni turned down an offer for free addiction treatment and fled. A devastated Kristin said: “We tried everything we could but just couldn’t get through to her.”

During the height of her fame, Loni graced the covers of fitness magazines during her modeling career before suffering a devastating breakdown. Her TV star ex Jeremy also suffered from mental health issues and fell into addiction after he finished filming Baywatch.

“I spoked pot every day and I did cocaine until it stopped working,” he recalled. After turning his life around, former child star Jeremy is now a noted Los Angeles fitness expert.

In 2015 Jeremy appeared on Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother but was booted out of the house for opening Chloe Goodman’s dressing robe. Following his removal, Loni spoke out to urge Chloe to press charges against the actor. She told The Daily Beast at the time: “Chloe should report Jeremy to the police for his own good.”

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