The Lazy husband slammed for serving Christmas lunch in tinfoil oven trays to not wash up

A man has been slammed as ‘lazy’ after revealing he serves Christmas lunch in foil oven trays to save on washing up.

The busy father decided he would not be doing the washing up on Christmas last year – so instead of offering his children plates he gave them the huge trays.

The man simply placed one of the rectangular foil containers behind each chair

His family then served themselves from the feast in the centre of the table and when they were finished eating and with their leftovers they threw the containers out.

The pictures of the hack were posted online by the man’s wife who admitted it was crazy but decided seeing as 2020 had been a crazy year she would go along with it.

And the family liked it so much they plan to do it again this year.

But the efficient mess-saving hack has appeared to divide the community.

‘I like doing the table up nice for the children, to make it special for them – but could do it as a joke one year when they are older,’ one mum said.

‘This ends up in landfill I presume. It doesn’t take long to wash a few plates – get the family involved. Get the family involved and use the pretty plates instead of this,’ one woman scolded.

‘My thoughts exactly – if everyone did this it would be so bad for the environment. Takes two minutes to wash a few plates.’

No, no, no – I wouldn’t eat off tin foil. So lazy,’ roared another

Others thanked him for sharing his idea and described it as ‘their kind of heaven.

‘Might have to do this the way my toddler keeps smashing plates – she has plastic ones but gets hold of ours,’ one woman wrote.

‘I already use baking trays too cook everything, paper plated are too small and don’t hold gravy well but this is epic,’ one mum said.

While some admitted to doing something similar.

‘It works well for us because it means what’s not eaten from the buffet is taken home in everyone’s containers,’ one woman said.

The original poster came back to defend the idea and told those critical of her family that they ‘recycle often’.

She also took aim at people who complained foil containers would look ugly, noting they should ‘get real’

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