Kim Kardashian sheds tears of joy as she passes the baby bar

Kim Kardashian celebrated two huge personal victories on the sixth episode of The Kardashians – passing the ‘baby bar exam’ and helping secure clemency for Julius Jones.

The 41-year-old reality star had been studying furiously for the exam throughout the early episodes of the Hulu series, finding out – at Red Lobster of all places – that she passed.

She also found out that Julius Jones – an Oklahoma prisoner who has spent over 20 years on death row for a murder he insists he didn’t commit – will not be executed, after a big push to grant him clemency.

Towards the start of the episode, Kim meets with Scott Budnick, the founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, who Kim has been working with over the past few years to help commute unjust prison sentences.

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Scott asks Kim what she wants to do once she passes the ‘baby bar exam,’ which she recently took after failing multiple times before, with this being her last chance.

‘I think it would be cool to start a firm that does just justice reform and only hires formerly incarcerated people,’ Kim tells him, which he says is, ‘so cool.’

‘Just do stuff like help fund cases and help fund getting an investigator,’ she tells scott, before adding more in confession.

‘I really invest in the people I work with, especially on death row cases,’ she added, before revealing one of the cases she worked on involving a man named Brandon Bernard.

They show video-conferencing footage with Kim talking to Brandon, where she says that she really believes in him, ‘and I’ll do anything I can to help stop this.’

Kim adds that she got to know him, ‘really well in his last few days,’ as we see footage of her chatting on the phone with him.

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