Amber Heard’s former best friend in tears describing horror injuries after Johnny’s alleged abuse

Amber Heard’s former best friend Rocky Pennington gave testimony via pre-taped video deposition and spoke about seeing the actress’ injuries.

Pennington was questioned on an incident in December 2015 when Heard claims that Depp headbutted her and repeatedly punched her in the head so hard that the bed frame she was lying on broke. Heard also alleged that Depp dragged her by her hair and pulled chunks out.

Pennington said that in the aftermath she saw blood in Heard’s hair and a chunk of it had been ‘ripped out.’

She said: ‘It wasn’t dripping down her head but it was raw and red.’

Asked by one of Depp’s lawyers how she could tell that Heard’s hair had been ripped out, Pennington gave an exasperated smile. She said: ‘There was a bloody patch with hair missing.’

Pennington said that Heard’s ‘whole face’ was red and that the upper bridge of her nose was swollen – she conceded the redness could have been from crying. Heard also had a cut to her bottom lip.

Pennington said: ‘There were many times I saw injuries on her.’

The following day Heard was due to go on the James Corden TV show and Pennington said that she was there when Heard showed her injuries to her makeup artist and stylist who had to cover them up.

Pennington rejected the idea that Heard or her makeup team could have drawn on bruises to her face.

She said: ‘Because I saw injuries on her body from the time directly after they happened, the next day and as they continued to heal.’

Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rotternborn asked: ‘Have you ever known Miss Heard to paint on bruises or use makeup to make it seem like she had a bruise when she didn’t?’

Pennington said: ‘No, the opposite. She often had to cover bruises and injuries on her face with makeup.’

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