‘Depraved’ female paedophile who wanted to ‘eat children’ is jailed for life

A ‘depraved’ paedophile who raped a young girl with two men and filmed the abuse so it could be shared online has been jailed for life.

Vicki Bevan had discussed with another man their desire to ‘kidnap, rape, torture, kill and then eat children’ after sexually abusing them.

A judge today told Bevan and her two co-accused, Paul Rafferty and Tony Hutton: ‘The scale of depravity represented by your combined offending really beggars belief, representing as it does your collective perverted sexual conduct.’

Bevan, 37, filmed and photographed the girl being abused and the images were shared online – which led to their downfall when they were found on a mobile phone.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Bevan was caught out after police seized the phone from a man, not before the court, which revealed 458 pages of highly sexualised WhatsApp conversations with Bevan and indecent images.

‘The contents of some of those chats is truly, truly shocking. Even allowing for some people’s capacity for perversion – some of these conversations are beyond disturbing,’ said Judge Andrew Menary, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool.

The court heard that Bevan’s parents have spoken of having brought her up in a loving environment and knowing right from wrong and describe how their lives having ‘fallen apart’ because of her offending.

They want nothing more to do with her and the judge imposed a lifelong restraining order on Bevan to keep away from them.

The defendant, from St Helens, pleaded guilty to a total of 34 sex offences including one joint rape charge and five sex assaults with Rafferty and one charge of sex abuse jointly with Hutton.

Rafferty, of St Helens, was jailed for ten years with an extended licence of four years. Hutton, 62, also of St Helens, was jailed for four years.

Judge Menary told Bevan, who showed no emotion, that in the WhatsApp conversations with the other man there were ‘hundreds of messages in which you discussed in graphic details your shared desire to kidnap, rape, torture, kill and then eat children after sexual abuse.

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