Dad of Rust cinematographer insists Alec Baldwin is ‘partly responsible’ for her death

The father of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins slammed Alec Baldwin for accidentally shooting his daughter dead, saying the star was at least ‘partially responsible’ for the killing.

‘It is clear to me Baldwin fired the shot from his hand so it’s hard for me to understand how he cannot be held partly responsible for my daughter’s death,’ Anatoly Androsovych told The Sun.

‘I can’t understand the behavior of Alec.’

The 61-year-old father said he doesn’t understand Baldwin’s claim that the gun that killed Hutchins went off without him pulling the trigger.

‘The revolver is the type of gun which doesn’t shoot before the trigger is pressed and Alec is partially guilty for causing that shot,’ Androsovych said.

He questioned why Baldwin, 63, deleted a string of tweets he sent in wake of the tragedy.

‘Why did he sweep out his tweets when it became clear the shooting was on rehearsal?’ he stated. ‘And why did he fire the shot during the preparations?’

Androsovych, a Ukrainian who served as a submarine captain, also shared that he is worried his 9-year-old grandson, Anrdos, may not ‘ever fully recover’ from the incident.

‘Andros is slowly getting back to life, but this is huge blow for all of us,’ he said.

Androsovych’s comments came just days after Baldwin denied that he requested a larger Colt gun before he fatally shot Hutchins on the set of Rust on October 21.

Baldwin denied the allegations in a tweet Thursday, sent after Sante Fe sheriffs in New Mexico issued a search warrant for his iPhone.

The 63-year-old actor tweeted an article from Newsweek which claimed that he had requested a bigger gun before the accidental shooting.

‘This, in fact is a lie,’ Baldwin wrote over the article link.

‘The choices regarding any props by me for the film RUST were made weeks before production began. To suggest that any changes were made ‘before fatal shooting’ is false,’ he added.

The search warrant, requested by Santa Fe sheriffs, authorizes police to review all text messages and photos on the actor’s iPhone, as well as any stored location data, as part of their investigation.

According to the search warrant, Baldwin told police that he exchanged emails with the film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, regarding what style of gun to use in the film.

They ultimately decided on a Colt .45 pistol.

The actor had been handed the antique pistol for the scene, and was told that it was ‘cold’ – not loaded.

He was rehearsing a scene in which he pulls out his gun and, in an interview with ABC on December 2, said that he never pulled the trigger, but the gun went off anyway.

Hutchins, a 42-year-old cinematographer, was shot and killed. The director of the film, Joel Souza, was shot in the shoulder and survived.

It is unclear why it has taken so long for New Mexico police to seize Baldwin’s phone.

The actor has insisted that he has fully cooperated with the investigation, and no arrests have been made.

Baldwin on December 2 gave an emotional interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, in which he said he did not pull the trigger, and felt no guilt because he believed he had done nothing wrong.

‘I let go of the hammer, bang. The gun goes off. Everyone is horrified. They’re shocked. It’s loud,’ he said.

Baldwin has spoken of his devastation at Hutchins’s death, and paid tribute to her as a wonderful cinematographer and a great person.

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