Lego-loving couple create a huge 21ft-long replica of Old London Bridhge in their living room

A couple of Lego aficionados have now completed a 21-foot-long replica of Old London Bridge after working on it for four weeks, sometimes putting in 14 hours a day.

The stunning creation, their 27th project, sits proudly in the sitting room of Mike Addis, 63, and Catherine Weightman, 58 from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

The replica of the bridge, which crossed over the Thames from 1209 to 1831, was made using 400,000 Lego bricks and stands at three-foot-high.

Mr Addis and Ms Weightman’s recreation of the bridge also includes 78 houses, 500 mini-figures, a castle and chapel.

Features also include guards patrolling the pay toll of the bridge and bakers and residents.

However it only includes three quarters of the bridge’s entire span, as the full size wouldn’t fit in the house.

The model was inspired by Frost Fairs, which were held when the Thames froze over from the 16th century.

Mr Addis, an economics teacher, said: ‘It’s probably our most impractical model because it’s right through the centre of the room.

‘It splits the room in two – there’s a foot gap at one end to get around to the other side of the living room.

‘We had a party recently with people on one side of the bridge and some on the other.

‘Most people are in awe because it’s so big.’

Mr Addis is now planning to fit himself, Ms Weightman and 12 family members – including young children – around the carefully constructed model for Christmas.

He added: ‘We have the settees on one side but the heaters are on the other side.

‘We have separate Lego for the children to play with.’

To research for the replica, the couple visited an existing wooden model of the bridge in St Magnus The Martyr Church, London.

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