Professor hides cash prize to prove studens don’t read the syllabus

Tennessee university music professor hid a cash prize on campus to see if his students fully read the class syllabus – only to find the crisp $50 bill he had placed in a locker still there at the end of the semester.

Kenyon Wilson, the associate head of performing arts at Tennessee at Chattanooga, decided to hide $50 in a random music locker and bury the combination for the locker in the middle of his syllabus.

The hint read: ‘Thus (free to the first who claims; locker one hundred forty-seven; combination fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five), students may be ineligible to make up classes and …’

He even went so far as to set the combination lock on a certain number to verify if it had been moved.

But at the end of the semester, the $50 bill and the note that went along with it were untouched by Wilson’s 70 students.

‘Congrats! Please leave your name and date so I know who found it,’ the unread note requested.

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