10 Strange Objects That Baffled Their Owners Until They Figured Out Their Real Purpose

The world is as old as it is strange, and objects that were once meant for specific purposes can end up in our hands. Furthermore, technology advances at a breakneck pace, and there are new or activity-specific technologies that humans struggle to comprehend.

“I discovered this plugged into the wall at my Airbnb… the host claims it’s a night light.” “Could you please confirm?”

“A strange glass ball supported by screws in a metal frame that appears to be bronze or gold in colour.”

“Found on a trek in Scotland’s Highlands. Handmade appearance and feel, with a hardwood handle and wire mesh”

“A hole in my bathroom wall with a recessed shelf.”

“It’s made of Terracotta and features sunflowers on both ends.”

“Keychain. It disintegrates. The black is rubbery on the inside, firm, and weirdly formed. “The white piece is basically hard plastic that has been hollowed out.”

“A culinary item with a wooden handle and three spikes (with holes in it) fastened to a spherical metal cup”

“This appears to be a typewriter, but the letters are arranged alphabetically.”

“What is this sliding lidded hinged wooden box?”

“A metal box with a lock and a hole in the front and the word ‘Nelson’ on it.” A dial on the back reads just under 22 with no units.”

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