Waitress Fired After Refusing To Split Her $4,400 Tip With The Restaurant

The Arkansas waitress who was overjoyed after getting $4,400 in tips from a group of late-night diners was dismissed from the restaurant when she refused to split the money with the manager and other waiters. Ryan Brandt was adamant about keeping her 80 percent tip with the restaurant.

he CEO of a real estate company had brought his “$100 Supper Club” to the Bentonville, Arkansas, diner Oven and Tap for dinner with his buddies.

In an unexpected turn of events, she and the other waitress (who had to leave before the film was taken because she was sick) each earned $100 in tips, totaling $4,400.

It was a great thing to do,” Wise said, “and to witness her reaction was awesome, to realise what that meant to her, the impact that it’s already had on her life.”

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