Police divers swoop on rainwater tank at William Tyrrell’s foster grandmother’s house

A team of police divers has returned to William Tyrrell’s foster grandmother’s home to inspect a rainwater tank.  

A group of detectives discreetly left the main search zone – 700m from William’s late foster grandmother’s home in Kendall on NSW’s mid-north coast – about 1.30pm on Wednesday.

They then inspected the water tank at the property on Benaroon Drive with a camera. The tank is located directly underneath the property’s 5m tall verandah. 

Members of the police dive squad lowered a GoPro-style camera fitted to a pole into the tank to film what was inside.

It’s not clear if the tank was drained in the initial search for William when he disappeared seven years ago on September 12, 2014.

The home, once owned by the young boy’s foster grandmother, now belongs to a man who has nothing to do with the case. 

William’s foster grandmother was under no legal obligation to declare the grim recent history of the home to the new owner and her identity, like those of William’s foster parents, was suppressed. 

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