Portuguese will never forget Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in this match

Players are enjoying season break these days but football fans are getting bored.

They are excited to welcome the new upcoming season soon. This will be a

great season and year for football fans because of the mega event of FIFA world cup 2022 ahead.

The series of pre-season games has already started where some of the big

teams will face one another. Though these are big names and matches still football fans are not enjoying these

matches because of friendlies nature of the matches.

Manchester United was not happy enough in the previous season because

they have not achieved many of the milestones they targeted at the start of the season

United fans can just hope for a better season ahead because they have started

with great performance in the pre-season matches. They have played their 2

matches before their game vs Crystal Palace and have won both of the

previous pre-season matches with a great margin.

The thing that scares Manchester United and some Cristiano Ronaldo fans, is the

absence of the Portuguese in the pre-season period. This is not a good gesture

for fans who want him to stay at Old Trafford. There are a lot of rumors on

social and electronic media about the transfer of the Manchester United forward.

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