Two-year-old girl dressed up as Queen Elizabeth, and got a thank you letter from Buckingham Palace –

After Queen Elizabeth II di ed last week, people around the world have been mourning her and looking back on her historic life.
One adorable story from last year is a reminder of the impact she had on people of all ages, and the power she had to create unforgettable memories.

Every Halloween, lots of people come up with funny and creative costumes — but how many can be called “fit for a queen”?

Last year, one American tot’s spot-on Halloween costume warmed hearts all over the world — and recently, it even got the attention of the Queen of England.
Jalayne Sutherland, a two-year-old from Florence, Kentucky, did Halloween in style last year: the toddler dressed up as Queen Elizabeth II, and completely nailed the part:
While Jalayne and Elizabeth are about a century apart in age, the girl completely pulls off the historic queen’s signature look.

The toddler sported a white wig, some pearls and the type of coat and hat outfit that Elizabeth can often be seen wearing:

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