Husband films pregnant wife breaking down in tears because he didn’t buy a ‘bread tin’

An Australian actor has shared footage of the hilarious moment his pregnant wife started crying uncontrollably after he didn’t buy a bread tin.

Neighbours star Matty Wilson, who played Aaron Brennan in the series, couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and posted the video on Instagram.

‘Jess asked me to record her pregnant breakdowns. In today’s episode, Jess is upset we don’t own a bread tin,’ he captioned the video shared on Monday.

In the clip, Matty asked Jess what’s wrong and through tears she said: ‘You didn’t get a banana tin’.

Then Matty replied: ‘Because you wanted to make banana bread?’, but then Jess shakes her head.

‘Instead I got a really expensive ceramic dish and another slice thing because we want to make a slice,’ Matty said while laughing.

‘Would you say this is pregnancy hormones? You’re halfway between a laugh and a cry.’

Jess can be seen crying and shielding her face with her hands before the tears turn to laughter.

It’s completely normal to have severe mood swings during pregnancy that may result in crying, laughing or feeling angry.

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